DASKALOS TestRunner takes a new approach to test automation. TestRunner Combines the power and flexibility of a custom automation framework with the ease of an off-the-shelf tool set.

Unlike other automation test frameworks, DASKALOS TestRunner comes ready to use out of the box. There is no need to speed weeks or months designing and building a framework before creating your first test case.

Unlike a lot of off the shelf tools on the market, DASKALOS TestRunner is easy to learn and not limited by the shipped set of tools. With DASKALOS TestRunner plug-in framework, expanding and adding new features is quick and painless.

DASKALOS TestRunner can be run on a single system, execute remote tests with the use of Selenium server, and can be scaled to run in containers. DASKALOS TestRunner easily fits into existing quality assurance teams from from start-ups to enterprise.

Implementing DASKALOS TestRunner tools set and framework can take the normal months of development time to build a robust framework to a few days or weeks.

DASKALOS TestRunner is still in development.