Welcome to DASKALOS

Training and Automation Development

DASKALOS provides training, automation development and resources for Quality Assurance Professionals of all levels.

Our training classes focus on the important skills that are needed by QA Professionals to compete in today's market. We cover the main areas of focus: Relational Databases, Web Services and Automation. Each class targets the skills required of Quality Assurance Professionals to excel in their field.

DASKALOS also provides automation developers for consultation services. We can help your Quality Assurance team build an automation solution or we can provide a turn key automation solution to get you up and running quickly.

Additionally we offer resources to Quality Assurance Professionals such as:

  • Resume advice to land that next job
  • Step-by-step guides on the basics to building your own testing environment



DASKALOS TestRunner is a high flexible automation testing tool that is designed to meet the needs of any size business. TestRunner is easily adaptable to QA teams of various skill levels.

Automation Development

Our team of experienced automation developers can provide everything from consulting to working with your company to provide a turn key automation testing system.

Training – Automation

Learn how to create different types of automation and their strengths and weaknesses. Learn to build an automation framework and about integration with Jenkins.

Training – Relational Databases

Learn SQL basics and how to create complex joins and sub-queries.

Training – Web Services

Learn how to test REST and SOAP web services and how to create unit tests and scripting.

QA Resources

Resources to help Quality Assurance Professionals perform daily tasks, prepare for the next career, develop automation and buildĀ  testing environments.