DASKALOS TestRunner provides a solid foundation for easily creating low maintenance automation tests. The systems design incorporates the best parts from various testing design methodologies allowing for rapid automation test creation.

Automation test cases are created following keyword driven testing methodology allowing for rapid test creation with no programming knowledge required. Support for re-usable keyword components and special tags to identify steps for desktop and mobile browsers reducing the total number of tests and maintenance.

Business process, behavior based testing supported with custom plug-in actions and test case processors. DASKALOS TestRunner is designed to support different types of testing methodologies allowing multiple teams to easily adopt a single automation testing platform without sacrificing usability.

DASKALOS TestRunner’s foundation is built on a plug-able framework for easy expansion to meet the rapidly changing needs of the quality assurance team. Custom actions can be created to support complex functions that are not suitable for traditional keyword driven testing. Plugins for reporting and webdriver configurations provides support current and future needs of the team.

The major components, plugins, page object definitions, test cases, and test case data are all contained in their own separate files. This separation of resources allows the team members with the specific skill sets to focus on their area of expertise and provide re-usable tests, low maintenance, and maximize return on investment.