DASKALOS TestRunner Install

Learn how to configure a system and run the sample test case and review the results.

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Created by DASKALOS Last updated April 6, 2021
What will i learn?
  • Install of DASKALOS TestRunner Binaries
  • Install of WebDriver files
  • Runn DASKALOS TestRunner Sample Test
  • Basic understanding of the test results

Curriculum for this course
10 Lessons 0 Quizzes 3 Hour(s)
System Prerequisites
1 Lessons 0 Quizzes
Setting up Folders
1 Lessons 0 Quizzes
Downloading Binaries
1 Lessons 0 Quizzes
Setting up TestRunner Properties
1 Lessons 0 Quizzes
Downloading WebDriver files
1 Lessons 0 Quizzes
Sample Testcase
1 Lessons 0 Quizzes
Running Sample Test
1 Lessons 0 Quizzes
Reviewing Test Results
3 Lessons 0 Quizzes
  • Basic understanding of the Linux command line interface

This course will walk through setting up a system for DASKALOS TestRunner and running the sample test included with the binaries.

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