Section 1
System Prerequisites
Section 2
Setting up Folders
Section 3
Downloading Binaries
Section 4
Setting up TestRunner Properties
Section 5
Downloading WebDriver files
Section 6
Sample Testcase
Section 7
Running Sample Test
Configure TestRunner Properties

To prevent over writing existing property files, the sample properties files will be extracted to a sub folder named ‘sample-properties’.

First time install or no changes were made to the property files in previous installs, you will want to copy the files from the sample-properties folder to the testrunner folder. make sure you are in the ~/daskalos/automation/testrunner folder then run the following command from the terminal window.

cp ./sample-properties/*.* ./

Several properties files and a file will be copied to the testrunner folder.


Updating previous install. If you have previously installed DASKALOS TestRunner and made changes to any of the properties files, you will need to manually compare the files and merge the new changes into your files.

NOTE: DASKALOS TestRunner is still in beta mode. Settings in these files may change over time as new features are added.