Section 1
System Prerequisites
Section 2
Setting up Folders
Section 3
Downloading Binaries
Section 4
Setting up TestRunner Properties
Section 5
Downloading WebDriver files
Section 6
Sample Testcase
Section 7
Running Sample Test
Downloading WebDriver files

In order to run the automation tests, a web driver file will be required for each browser that will be used for testing. It is important to make sure you have the correct web driver for the version of the browser(s) you have installed. The current version of DASKALOS TestRunner has been tested with FireFox and Chrome. Support for other browsers have not been added yet.

Using a browser, navigate to down to the “Browsers” section and expand it. Use the links in this section to locate the WebDriver for the version of the browsers you have installed and download them to


Once downloaded, extract the webdirver executable files into this folder. make sure they are not extracted to a sub folder.