Section 1
System Prerequisites
Section 2
Setting up Folders
Section 3
Downloading Binaries
Section 4
Setting up TestRunner Properties
Section 5
Downloading WebDriver files
Section 6
Sample Testcase
Section 7
Running Sample Test
Running sample test

DASKALOS TestRunner is executed from the terminal window. TestRunner requires several command line options to execute a test. To make the sample test easier to run, a Bash script as been provided to execute the test. Before the script can be executed, the system needs to know the file is an executable. To do this run the following commands:

cd ~/daskalos/automation/testrunner

chmod +x

To run the testcase enter the following command.


If everything is configured and set correctly, the test will run. A banner will appear displaying the configuration information, the files and settings loaded, and all the steps as they are being executed. When it is finished, the summary results will be displayed.

When the test starts the screen look similar to the following:

DASKALOS TestRunner CLI output