Section 1
System Prerequisites
Section 2
Setting up Folders
Section 3
Downloading Binaries
Section 4
Setting up TestRunner Properties
Section 5
Downloading WebDriver files
Section 6
Sample Testcase
Section 7
Running Sample Test
System Prerequisites

Before installing and configuring your system to run DASKALOS TestRunner, a few applications are required. For specific installation instructions on any of these tools, please refer to the tools instructions.

  • Java version 11. DASKALOS TestRunner was developed and tested with OpenJDK-11.
  • curl – latest version
  • unzip (other other application uncompress zip files)

To check if the required applications are installed, open a terminal window and run the following commands:

java –version

If java is installed, the version will be displayed.

curl –version

If curl is installed, the current version will be displayed along with other information will be displayed.

unzip –version

If unzip is installed, the version and other details will be displayed.