DASKALOS provides training to meet the needs of Quality Assurance professionals. Our training packages range from a one-day crash course to a week-long intensive class, and can include specialized, on-site delivery for your QA team.

Our training covers the primary areas that are required of today’s QA professionals: databases, web services, front- end testing, and automation. Courses focus on real-life issues and solutions.

Relational Databases

This course covers database basics, design, and components. Topic progression includes reading database schema, finding data in tables, and inserting and updating data. The course concludes with basic select statements, the different types of joins, sub-queries, and more.

Web Services

This course defines web services, discusses the differences between REST and SOAP, and presents the tools used for testing. Additional review includes how to create unit and regression tests and then how to apply external data to make tests more dynamic. The course concludes with automating the execution of tests.


This course is a follow-up to front-end testing. It covers the different types of automation testing and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Discussion includes a few different tools and how each can be used to resolve specific issues. Additionally, the course covers how to create unit tests using the Selenium API with JAVA or Python, and then how to create data-driven regression tests and a keyword-driven framework. The course concludes with integrating the execution of the automation tests with Jenkins and Selenium Standalone Server.