More businesses are looking for Quality Assurance Professionals who not only know how to test, but who also can develop automation tests. The Automation class provides some history and hands on development experience creating unit tests as well as a basic framework that can be expanded.

The class focuses on the following common and readily available tools:

  • Eclipse for the Integrated Development Environment
  • TestNG
  • Selenium Web Driver for browser-based testing
  • Selenium Standalone Server for distributed testing

The following is the basic agenda for the Automation Development class

  • Prerequisites
  • A little history
  • Types of automation (record and playback, component based, data driven, keyword)
  • The tools (commercial and open source)
  • What makes good automation test
  • Overview of Selenium WebDriver
  • Overview of development tools (Eclipse, Java)
  • Unit testing with Eclipse and TestNG
  • Selenium standalone server
  • Running tests with Jenkins
  • Designing an automation framework
  • Building automation framework


*Agenda is subject to change