Web services

The growth of web services has changed the skills needed by Quality Assurance Professionals. In addition to front end and data validation, knowing how to test web services is just as important, if not more important.

The Web Services class examines the concepts of REST and SOAP and the current popular tools used for validating the services.

The class focuses on SoapUI for testing SOAP based web services. It will with a basic web service for learning about SOAP and the SoapUI tool, and build on the skills learned to test more complex services.


  • Prerequisites
  • Overview of web services
  • REST and SOAP
  • Overview of SoapUI by SMARTBEAR
  • Overview of WSDL
  • Creating first project
  • Making Soap calls
  • Creating a basic test
  • Validating the results
  • Working with properties
  • Creating scripts
  • Creating advanced tests
  • Command Line execution with TestRunner
  • Integration with Jenkins


*Agenda is subject to change.