All the power and flexibility of an in-house designed automation frame work and the ease of use of an off-the-shelf automation testing tool-set. DASKALOS TestRunner comes ready to use with little to no coding required to start testing your application. Designed with a plug-in architecture that can be easily expand to meet your needs. DASKALOS TestRunner is designed to meet the needs of a small testing team and scaled to meet the needs of the enterprise.

Detail Reporting

DASKALOS TestRunner supports reporting in different formats and can be expanded to meet the most demanding reporting requirements.

Select Features

Below are some of the features in DASKALOS TestRunner

Ready to Use

DASKALOS TestRunner is ready to use out of the box. Get started automating your site a few days not months

Detailed Reporting

DASKALOS TestRunner supports JUnit format and detailed reporting

Keyword Driven Testing

Currently DASKALOS TestRunner support keyword driven testing. Other formats coming soon.

Plug-In Architecture

DASKALOS TestRunner has a plug-in frame allowing quick and easy expansion.

Easy To use

Test cases, object locators, test data, maintained in their own files separate from the code code.

Easy to Implement

DASKALOS TestRunner design reduces the time required for existing QA teams to migrate to automated tests.

Reduced Cost

DASKALOS TestRunner does not require a team of highly skilled SDET’s to create automation tests.

Small Business

DASKALOS TestRunner runs from the command line on a single system.

Large Business

DASKALOS TestRunner can be run across multiple environments supporting the most demanding testing requirements.