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by System Administrator -

Welcome! We have recently changed hosting services and process for delivering training. We are hard at work updating the existing training courses and adding new courses.

Thank you for your understanding.


Available courses

This short course will walk through the installation of PyCharm on Linux system

This course will run through the install of Eclipse and basic settings to be ready for use with the other courses.

This course will walk through the configuration process for setting up Firefox.

The screen shots are based off Linux version of Firefox and may differ with different versions.

Most of the setting are optional and are recommended to reduce the time it takes for Firefox to load and make it a little more secure.

ChroPath plug-in is required for the other courses and lessons on this site. If you want to skip the rest of the configuration you can jump directly to that step.

Learn how to configure a system and run the sample test case and review the results.

This course will cover some basics of Python training and writing some simple python application and get into some basic Selenium.

NOTE: Eclipse and Java is not required for this course.

This course will go over the different Selenium locators and how to use them. It will also walk through a sample application creating the locators that will be needed for creating automated tests in future courses.

This course starts with setting up your system for use with java programming, setting up browser for use with automation testing, writing some simple programs learning some basics about java development, and will cover creating object locators.